Crofton Park

Crofton Park assembly's new ward priorities and launch of local funding

Crofton Park assembly ward priorities and Local Assemblies Funding 2015 - 2016

The Crofton Park assembly met at St Saviours Church on the evening of Thursday 22nd October. This was a public meeting where local people were given the opportunity to decide what should be Crofton Park’s local priorities. These priorities will guide the future work of the Crofton Park assembly towards improving our local area, as well as giving direction for local funding in 2015 - 2016.

The five ward priorities chosen were as follows:

* Children & Young People

* Older People

* Health & Wellbeing

* Improving Community Facilities

* Unemployment & Skills Development

At this meeting the Crofton Park assembly fund was launched. This is a local fund of £12,500 which is open to organisations planning to deliver a project within the Crofton Park ward, which is of benefit to local people. All projects must meet at least one of the five ward priorities and organisations can apply for up to £1,000.

The deadline for applications is Monday January 9th, at 9am. For an application form, or for more information contact the Crofton Park assembly Coordinator Paul Gale at

If you are an organisation with an idea for a local project but need a little advice or support developing your proposal, help is available from the Crofton Park Community Development Worker Sarah Eaglestone, contact at