Crofton Park

Crofton Park Community Development Worker update January 2016

Since the last the Crofton Park assembly meeting in October 2015 I have been focussing my time between working with local organisations to develop ideas and planning for local community projects and supporting them in the development of their funding bids to take forward their proposed activities. For example, I have been working with the Elder People’s Support Project and St Hilda’s Church on their ‘singing for health and happiness’, project an elders’ singing group, Ewart Road Housing Co-operative in the planning for a new play group at the clubhouse and the development of the Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park Community website; including a proposal for an internship / volunteer scheme at the website to help develop the website even further into a comprehensive, actively used, community resource. As a community project that was originally initiated by the Crofton Park assembly and then delivered by St Hilda’s Church this internship scheme is being kindly supported by the Crofton Park Assembly and local businesses in the area through sponsorship in order to cover the volunteer expenses that will be needed to run the internship scheme across the year.

I have been working very closely with the Ewart Road Housing Co-operative in supporting residents in their proposed plans to take over responsibility for the Clubhouse which is currently owned by Lewisham Council. Ewart Road Housing Co-operative are currently in negotiations with Lewisham Council to take on the lease for the building to keep the building open, with aspirations for  volunteers to run and transform this under-used community premises into a thriving community centre that fills gaps in community provision based on local need. I have been supporting them through this process with the research and development of a business plan for the clubhouse to transform this community space over the next year into a vibrant centre that operates in a financially sustainable way.

My other key area of work is a needs and gaps analysis of community provision in the Crofton Park ward with a report to be prepared for the Crofton Park assembly and local community organisations by early April 2016. Local people can participate in this research by taking part in the online survey on, .  Please do spare five minutes to complete this survey and give your views. I will be also doing some targeted research with older people and young people in the Crofton Park ward through working with local organisations as well as other under- represented groups locally.