Crofton Park

Crofton Park history

Our area has only known as Crofton Park since the building of the railway

- older residents were upset when  our library was renamed Crofton Park Library by the council: it hPonds and barn  at the junction of Brockley Grove and Brockly Roadad been hitherto called 'Brockley Library' preserving the sense of Crofton Park being at the centre of  the ancient manorial lands of Brockley.  This manor formed a long ribbon strip made up of  the southern part of  Deptford parish and  the western side of Lewisham parish; it stretched from Brockley Cross to Standsted Road, inlcuding  Brockley Hill (now refered to as Bythe Hill Fields). From the  17th centrury  Brockley Green once a proper common land  and now called Crofton park  was at the center of  the manor. There were  ponds for watering  cattle  and a  little spring flowing from the base of Honor Oak Hill, bubbling down to Ladywell past the farm, demolishd to build Stondon park , across  Brockley Rise  past the house called Brockley Manor and via farm workers cottages where Ewhurst and Crofton Park road now meet (You can still see it running under the  entrance to Foxborough Gardens).

With the  naming of the station at Brockley Cross (the nethermost  part of the manor) a lacuna was formed which gave rise to the subsequent station  of Brockley being named Crofton Park. History is quirky- if the Blackfriars line had been built first we would be solidly known the centre of Brockley.