Crofton Park

Roman Road Under Crofton Park

A Roman road passes under modern Crofton Park  in a line from Ivydale Road Nunhead to Blythe Hill Fields on Brockley Hill. It passes under Buckthorne Road  diagonally across  Bartram Road, under  the  west end of St Hilda's;  then crossing  Brockley Rise, runs  through  Kings College Sports ground along the 

Stilness school  boundary where  recent excavations  record a surviving section of the base gravel beds;  it then  heads  up  through  NW  corner of  Blythe Hill fields at Codrington Hill ( apparently there was  a slight hollow visible  where it ran up the hill - is this still true?).  On the top of the Hill  it takes a slight turn to angle away from Bromley ( very wise)  toward the  Weald,  and so it  heads down toward Perry Vale where it crosses the Pool River and on to Beckenham  via lower Sydenham and  West Wickham ( which is possibly the site of a small roman town).  Built in the  late 1st  centruy AD from London to Lewe, it would have carried  iron  products from the   mining and smelting industry  on the High Weald ( as excavated by Time Team).  Excavations in the middle of last century are nicely recorded.  Take a look at this neat collection of  articles and  plans  collated by a contributor to the Sydenham history site ( with thanks to Falkor) 

photo: The metalling of the Roman road  exposed by excavations in Lower Sydenham