Crofton Park

St Hilda's Warm Roof & Restoration Appeal big thank you to all who wrote us letters of support: We had water dripping in  during our Brockley Max events to underline the need for a roof restoration. We got through the first stage of our application and a site visit is soon to happen form a case worker for the  landfill surplus charity.   Our request for an uplift from the government scheme has been granted. So our final target  to raise is 98k  over the next 6 months while the scaffolding is up.   Here's the appeal  summary and some photos  of the dilapisations and  water damage. 

St Hilda’s is at a critical point  in the  project to restore Crofton Park’s feature ‘Arts and crafts’ building:  Slates are slipping at increasing rate;  water is coming in; ornamental stone work is crumbling letting freezing water run down the walls to destroy the pointing.  We need felt and insulation to keep the heat in, and to reduce our carbon footprint. Our aim is a watertight and warm church which  will carry on serving  our community  for another 100 years.holes in the roof and  attempted repairs still slipping

We’ve worked hard   fundraising for 17 years, and  now  hope to raise £25,000 locally toward the  shortfall of £98,000. Will you help us with  this last  stage of the journey?

St Hilda’s is a hub for so  many people -  ‘the Undercroft’ is dedicated to community activities all week —you may have voted there in recent elections;  so many people enjoy the  beautiful worship space when attending  events  such as those which happen at the Brockley Max in addition to  Sundays, Baptisms, funerals, weddings, and special Christmas services. We host school visits and assemblies too.